Wealth Management

New challenges ahead
The Wealth Management industry has been growing significantly over the past years – Established Private Banks, newly created Private banking units bundling the private banking business from an Wholesale or retail bank, Independent Financial Advisors, Family Offices etc.

The number of wealth management clients saw tremendous growths rates, in particular within Asia. In the same way as the number of clients grew, the products became more complex, at a time, when everyone thought, the sky is the limit, the financial crisis caused significantly turbulence in the markets, the European financial crisis became more severe.

What’s next?

The challenges the wealth manager facing today are very diverse : providing independent and bespoke solutions to their clients, understanding the complexity of the range of available financial instruments, utilizing technology to streamline processes and increase scale, legal and compliance.

In the meantime regulators all over the world are putting more pressure on internal risk control, and processes relating to client classification and product suitability.

Kledia as a consulting and analytical services firm aims to provide customized serviced for the broad range of wealth managers – the Family Office that is just in the process of being set up, the Private Bank that wants streamline processes, the independent financial advisor, that is looking to move to a new infrastructure.