Investor Solutions

Independent Structuring and Analysis
Kledia brings its experience from the industry sell side to institutional investors : Insurance companies, Asset Managers or Sovereign wealth funds. We offer independent solutions and analysis for a more transparent investment process, backed by advices and reports free of any biais or interest.

Understanding the needs behind the investment

Our philosophy is to always understand the need behind the investment, be it regulatory constraints from Solvency II, accounting specificities, hedges in the scope of Asset and liability management, but also investment constraints, illiquidity of existing position, rationalizing access to certain markets, etc.

A few years ago, derivatives, structured products were very often part of the solutions that were developed by investment banks for their institutional client. With the financial crisis things has changed: transparency, liquidity, cost are the key.

Investor solutions needs now to be much more focused on a well-structured processes, analyzing the complexity from a legal, regulatory, trading, risk management perspective, utilizing know how experience and require creativity to find optimal solutions.

With a core background in capital market and product design across assets, our team non only has all the expertise needed to deliver investor solutions, but also the years of experience in talking to institutional clients, which are required for a better insight into understanding their needs.