Investment Banks

Adapting to the changes
The Investment Banking industry has changed significantly since the start of the financial crisis. What worked prior to 2008, does not any longer. Cost cutting, less business, rating, basel 3, structured products, counterparty credit risk, issuer credit risk, centralized clearing party, increasing transparency, better service just to name a few of them.

To maintain or even grow market share, while keeping cost under control and maintaining the business profitable becomes more and more challenging.

For many years, banks have been using the instrument of outsourcing in research, IT, back-office to support the growths and cut costs. Perhaps it's now the time to looking into something similar for other typical capital markets functions such as tools, structuring, product management, bespoke analysis, new business development,...

Kledia as a consulting and analytical services firm aims to provide customized for the broad range of Investment Banks – Our proven track record in building new and profitable businesses, innovating in challenging market environments, facilitating a scalable growths can help Investment Banks to increase market share while keeping costs under control.

The Kledia team, in corporation with well established IT providers and myfinancetutor, a training and teaching specialist for financial markets and financial products, a team we have the people, resources and instruments to provide scale to the business.