Setting up productivity tools

In addition to software, light tools are key to enhance day to day efficiency

Softwares are developed for large audience and are heavy to customize. For day to day jobs, they need to be complemented by light tools, generally developed in spreadsheets.

Such tools can have very different purpose:

  • Quantitative tools, pricing, algorithm, risk analysis and scenario
  • Interaction with software (data feed, etc)

Good libraries exist, but user-friendly spreadsheets still have to be put together, with efficient data organization is small databases.

Kledia has a strong experience in creating tools

We are in constant search to find ways to increase productivity and minimize resources.
Through well designed and ergonomic tools (spreadsheets, databases, small Web App or mobile App), processes can be streamlined for a higher efficiency and lesser room for mistakes.

Kledia also offers new technologies for front office high speed computing needs:

Because we understand your needs, we are able to deliver the most adapted solutions with optimal performance