Advisory on Hedge Fund start up

…it’s a long way before a manager can actually trade and start making returns

Setting up his own hedge fund, one has to define of the all operational functions that need to be re-build, even before starting to trade: not only licensing or legal framework, but everything from Office, emails, IT and Systems, HR,..

It involves a lot of steps, each require to make a decision between all the many choices available for the most adapted and cost efficient

From an idea to an Action plan

Kledia acts as an interim COO and project manager

From discussing an idea we help formalize a clear action plan with an estimated budget and timeline,

We pre-select and introduce the future operational partners of the fund and help coordinate with them: Lawyers, IT, HR, Fund administration, Prime Broker, etc..

We represent our clients in full discretion. The manager not only save time but also avoids unnecessary publicity, in particular during the maturation phase of the project where he might still be employed or under post employment restrictive clauses.

Kledia is the trustworthy partner who brings experience, advice and brainstorm to anchor the project in a solid action plan