Selecting the right Software Suite for your Hedge Fund

Creating an efficient and cost effective trading environment

Moving from large organization, managers needs to recreate their own systems: traders often operate in environments where they are users of system designed by others, with an experience limited to the systems they have used before, sometimes only internal ones.

Porftolio, risk, order, execution management systems, libraries, market data..

  • What are the solutions proposed by vendors?
  • Which one is most adapted to the fund strategy?
  • Systems are expensive, what is the best suite that fits the fund’s needs?

Kledia helps to make the right decision

Our clients can leverage on our knowledge of operational flows and systems (functionalities, but also cost and implementation). We pre-select and organize demonstration of the most suitable software for the fund.

We also represent our clients in full discretion. The manager not only save time but also avoids unnecessary publicity, in particular during the maturation phase of the project where he might still be employed or under post employment restrictive clauses.

Kledia will accompany the manager during this phase, balancing the pro and cons of each solution for a fully operational and cost effective solution