Services to Hedge Funds

Customized solutions
The area of hedge funds can be very wide. Every hedge fund is different – the hedge fund start up vs. the a hedge fund with billions under management. The high frequency trading trader focused on speed, technology, low latency, as compared to a distressed debt investor. All of them however share the same goal which is maximizing the returns for the investor.

Kledia as a consulting and analytical services firm aims to provide customized solutions for the broad range of hedge funds – the start up, but also the medium and larger size firms.

Our services can be grouped into the following broad categories: Set up advisory, Analytical outsourcing, structuring, specific project work and project management. The ultimate goal and value proposition to our HF clients is to off load non investment related burdens from them so that they can focus on what they do the best: Investment Strategies.

We work with hedge fund managers in Hong Kong to help on the start up process, from helping in the selection and coordination of expert consultants (office, legal, IT infrastructure, etc), to the choice of softwares (PMS, RMS, OMS, EMS...) and the creation of productivity tools.