Featured projects

Setting up a new hedge fund, all operational functions have to be re-built before even starting to trade: not only licensing or legal framework, but everything from offices, emails, IT and Systems, HR,etc. >>>

Creation of an e-learning portal dedicated to teaching in finance, with over 150 tutorials, quizzes and short videos accessible online via a customized version of the Moodle open source LMS.>>>

Bond allocation strategy investing in fixed and floating long term bonds, with the creation of investment signals and tailored performance indicators, to reduce portfolio risk in a low rate environment .>>>

Study of a structured notes issuance program for offering to sophisticated investors in Asia, and designed to reduce issuer risk through both full collateralization and listing on the HK exchange. >>>

Project to develop within an Excel addin framework, a set of functions leveraging on GPU computing. The purpose of the project is a simple access to GPU acceleration to speed up daily tools that require a high calculation power.>>>

Creation of a web-based application dedicated to algorithmic indices. Investors can design, back-test and manage strategies online through an easy to use and intuitive interface, with all calculations happening in the cloud. >>>