The Mobile Reporting App for the Imagine ITS

KlediaBI Portfolio Direct is a mobile Web Application for Portfolio Managers, providing access to their portfolio data anytime, anywhere. With its native connection to the Imagine Trading System, it provides users of Imagine with a mobile platform for accessing data and visualizing custom reports.


Imagine in real-time on your mobile device

Your Positions, P&L and Risk, any time, anywhere: keep access to your data while travelling or just out of office. The KlediaBI Portfolio Direct App allows you to retrieve all your Imagine Ledgers, Books and Portfolio level from your iPad or smartphone, with on the fly recalculation and graphs

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Easy browsing through the portfolios, drilling down books and ledger with real-time data push to the device


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Query your portfolio graphically with the FlexiGraph component. Base on your portfolio data, you can generate powerful graphs in just couple of taps on your tablet


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Leverage on Imagine P&L features to retrieve dynamically and graph historical time series of the portfolios P&L


IFP Apps Ready

KlediaBI Portfolio Direct has a native driver to execute IFP Apps directly from the Imagine Trading System. Users can create their own IFP Apps and execute them remotely within KlediaBI.

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Tailor-made interfaces to access your IFP Apps bring virtually no limit to leveraging IFP analytic and data, right on your tablet


BI Ready

Business Intelligence, data integration, reporting, big data, self query. KlediaBI Portfolio Direct integrates with KlediaBI, a full featured business intelligence system for dashboard reporting and data visualization



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